Building high performance web applications often requires solid performance optimization skills from web engineers as well as the ability to take advantage of web tools and services to improve content delivery behavior from the your web applications to users.

One of the best strategies for optimizing web performance for your web app is the use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN). A CDN is basically a web service that speeds up the delivery of static and dynamic web contents by leveraging on a network of servers across the globe that delivers web contents from its server closest to your user…

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The concept of Closure is one of the most fascinating features of JavaScript. How is it possible that functions can memorize and persist data in its execution context after it is popped out of the call stack? Amazing! Wait a second, this could really let us do a whole lot of cool stuff with JavaScript ain’t it?

Before we dive into how closure works, let's take a look at JavaScript functions which are the medium within which closure really happens.

JavaScript Functions

JavaScript functions are a variant of the Object data type that takes in data known as arguments, processes the data…

A starter guide in software development for any novice

Lemme Introduce Myself

Hi, I’m Smart, That Naija Tech Guy and I would love to help you understand Coding, Software development or Programming as you’d fondly call it.

This coding series is specifically targeted to anyone without prior knowledge of Coding (novice) or anyone who just wants to understand what the heck this programming matter “dey about sef” (is all about).

In the process of this course, I will try as much as “body fit carry” (possible) to make you understand how coding works, in the most simplest form possible and using relatable examples…

My Beginner’s Life as a Developer

My life as a developer actually started in January 2016 after i had my first personal computer. This was about my early 3rd year as a student of Computer Science in the Federal University of Technology, Owerri Nigeria. My main enthusiasm at that point was programming, having the ability to develop softwares for computers. Then i found an OOPL(Object Oriented Programming Language) called Java. I started learning Java as a beginner for about 3 months which ran through till April 2016, and i was introduced to the mobile Operating System called Android! Do you…

Smart Agwu

Software Engineer, Interswitch Group | CEO, Shoown Technologies

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